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Sarah Sparks
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Sarah Sparks It's almost impossible to pick a favourite song on this album, I love them all equally! Stew's always had a knack of writing beautifully and evocatively about the human condition with an absolute kick arse soundtrack, and Carcane is no exception.

Carcane is a wonderful collection of characters and situations that I recognise; whince at; embrace, empathise, and sympathise with; and celebrate. Stew's again brought a marvellous group of musicians who complement and drive forward his exceptional guitar playing. Gutsy, rocky, but also paired down and introspective when it needs to be. Like Rear Window HQ, I love it, and will say it again - James Stewart is one of Australia's best guitarists and songwriters.
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Carcane, the second solo album from James Stewart, was a long time coming. Guitarist and songwriter from Melbourne bands The Warner Brothers and Overnight Jones and lead guitarist from Melbourne's own T-Bones.

Carcane lurches from pop to alt-country to rock, with guitar-driven narrative based songs filling the album.


released June 11, 2016



all rights reserved


James Stewart Melbourne, Australia

Guitarist and songwriter from The Warner Brothers , Overnight Jones. Lead guitarist from the T-Bones.

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Track Name: Mattress
If you come around I'll throw a mattress down on the lounge room floor.
Sure I'll help you out it's what it's all about that's what friends are for.
But you can't stay so long you'll wear your welcome out, you can't forget that's why she threw you out.
If you come around I'll throw mattress down on the lounge room floor.
If you want to stop off at the corner shop there's some things we need.
I know you here to crash but I'm real short on cash and stones don't bleed.
It's a single bed there's no room for two so if she shows up you know what to do if you come around I'll throw mattress down on the lounge room floor.
Yeah I love you man but you don't understand you're two hands full.
She's done the yards but you're still playing hard don't make stupid rules.
You're a rolling stone least you think you are.
Pull those chocks away you won't roll that far.
If you come around I'll throw a mattress down on the lounge room floor.
Track Name: Cursed
Well it sucks when you don't know what to do
Your life it makes no sense to you
You feel as if your power is off ,
You feel confused and you feel ripped off.
Cause you just can't do what you use to do
You can't get started and you can't follow through.
Can't finish nothing and you wonder why you ever thought it was worth a try

Just in case you wondered I've been down
My love see me out but I ain't been around
It's no simple misery.

Well It Feels Like no-one's listening,
They ask why you're not bothering,
Things seem to go from bad to worse,
Like everything that you do is cursed.
They all say that you've been bad lucked,
But you know in your heart that your material sucks
You've lost the urge the will is gone
You've got no strength to carry on
Track Name: Doris and Victor
They don't do husbands like Victor anymore.
Doris was still breastfeeding bambino number four. That man he was a saint his family all he had.
So she changed the name of their last kid in memory of his dad.

Her neighbour drove her down there had Victor come to harm?
Off a way a stretcher, Victor's lifeless arm hung down in such a way that the strength was torn from her.
She lost time and her memory the life became a blur.

So each October 15th she goes back in her mind to the bridge and the day and the certainty that she knew that she would find.
19 sad and lonely years she took the long way round refusing to drive over Victor's sacred ground.
Track Name: Bo-Linda Anne
She was struggling with a couple of things always on the wrong foot.
Seeking distraction I just plain out of action from excessive input.
She had an arm full of scars heart full of pain and head full of bad ideas.
And a persecution complex that would rear its ugly head every time she had a couple of beers.

Bo-linda Anne archangel of amphetamine a trilogy of tragedies the leading lady in a bad scene

It was boxing day he finally decided that this had all gone too far
Blind drunk she talkies kids to the pool in her unregistered car.
The cops brought them back sunburnt and crying she was nowhere to be found.
The Magna turned up two weeks later with a smashed in radiator in the car park under Crown.
Bo-linda Anne archangel of amphetamine a trilogy of tragedies the leading lady in a bad scene

He put her things in for garbage bags and milk crate and a cardboard box put them out on the front lawn and then he changed the locks it never got to where you call the police and he never really thought it would there was no particular place where it all went bad it is never really was that good
Bo-linda Anne archangel of amphetamine a trilogy of tragedies the leading lady in a bad scene
Track Name: Key From the Bridge
I dropped the key from the bridge had to stop acting like a kid .
Port of call said it all I'm so glad that I did .

Now it lies in the mud at the bottom of the river, that tiny little piece of brass means that I'm no longer with her.

Now I'm out on my own I don't expect her to phone she's not the kind to extend a cold hand to a friend

Now it lies in the mud at the bottom of the river, that tiny little piece of brass means that I'm no longer with her

A momentary second thought but it felt too fast to be caught.
I stood outside in the rain but I won't fall for that again.

Now it lies in the mud at the bottom of the river, that tiny little piece of brass means that I'm no longer with her.
Track Name: Five of US
I get on better with my mum than I think I've ever done since I turned 31

She still treats me like a kid reminds me of embarrassing things that I did makes me feel like I'm her only one

But there's 5 of us and she loves each one no less than the last 5 of us 5 of us

I remember running shoes in hand through the paddock with the empty damn the screen door slams hard on its springs my sisters laugh my brother grins hey what's the hurry little Jim
Track Name: God Help
God help the poor bastard who ends up with her
She's as stubborn as a mule said her father
But I love her to death and she will be that of me
Any man who tries to tame her would be a braver man than me.

She's wild like an angry dog she's is only 10 years old. She's harder than nails she's railway station cold
She knows what she likes and she knows where she's at.
Her old man wonders to himself did I make her like that?

The old man wonders to himself what happens when she's old?
And she's got children of her own that won't do what they're told.
Will they stand her up from the moment they can walk?
Will they give her lip from the moment they can talk?
Track Name: Jimmy
Jimmy died there on the floor.
His lungs did not work anymore .
Fairlie by his side she knelt ,
Who could imagine how she felt?
He said I don't feel well, the time has come they both could tell.
Fairlie held his head and prayed it was a decision that they made that

She would not revive you know she would not revive him

His old man fought in both world wars
They captured him in Singapore
He barely fought the Japanese, just the demons of Changi.
His big brother never came home,
Shot down high above Cologne
Two little brothers barely 10,
Jimmy joined the airforce then.
Track Name: Losin'Yourself
You missed the turn off now you're on that road alone. With your foot to the floor don't think I don't know where you're going.
Losing yourself is no way to find her.
You're using fuel that you need to get home.

Park in the shade a while let the wind blow over you.
It's hard to imagine your life as an uninterrupted view. So look to the horizon it's a long way there for sure.
The rest of your life there's still so much more
Turn it around brother there's nothing out there for you.
Head back to the lights it's dark country that you've been through
Don't punish yourself you've suffered as it is the pain that she put you through.
Throw that lumber aside it's stuff that you don't need.
Track Name: Man of Mystery
She took him on always thanked herself for that
He hung around no-one ever knew where he was at
He'd done it hard but he always had a joke to tell.
They all thought that they knew him well.

She had a band met him at a festival
On guitar the Wonder Boy could do it all
No one wondered that he seemed to have no history. Too sweet to be a mystery.

Ooh ooh, Man of Mystery. Ooh ooh Man of Mystery.

It didn't last she couldn't stand him hanging around
Off he went but it didn't mean he left the town.
Second hand she said the trail that he'd left for her.
He was a man of poor character.
Track Name: Still Life
Look at her she's pretty neat she's still got plastic on her seats.
She sound's so sweet she never stalls.
She ain't been far from home at all.

He shuffled off she left it there.
Like he still lived in it somewhere.
It lies in state on blocks of wood there's still life under the hood.

Who would know it meant to her.
What froze in time the way they were.
She can't explain there's no time now.
She knows they shared him anyhow
Track Name: Musician Now.
You're a musician now not just a hanger on.
You've got your own gear and you've been writing songs.
You've got a guest list and you invited the press.
You've hit the Big League now you know Sophie Best.

You've turned the corner now there lies the road ahead.
You made some short shots just to stay in the bread.
I just noticed some less than glowing reviews.
Whoever thought that they'd get tired of you?

It's time to join the queue it starts over there.
Behind the acid wash and the big metal hair.
That stuff you did it weren't so bad for the time.
Soap box philosophy just smashed into rhyme.